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Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry office is located in the Mission and Ministry Center.  Campus Ministry, however, is located throughout our school!

Campus Ministry is something that we must do together, to touch the hearts and minds of all those around us, whether we are students or volunteers, CIP staff or parents, staff or faculty.

Mr. Meyer is the Director of Campus Ministry.  His office is in the Ministry and Prayer Center (formerly the chapel - next to Rooms 206 and 207).  

Freshmen: The Faith Retreat.  Held on campus,  January 22 and 23, 2019.  The class will be divided in two parts - one half will take their retreat while the other half does their college visit, and vice versa on the second day.  This retreat allows freshmen to consider and develop tools of faith that will allow them to better adapt and live out the life of a Lasallian Catholic student at San Miguel.

Sophomores: The Community Retreat.  Held on campus, November 14 and 15, 2018.  As with the freshmen, the class will be divided - one half will take their retreat while the other half does their college visit, and then vice versa.  This retreat focuses on the building of a community of believers in Christ and how to live as a Lasallian community on campus and in the world.

Juniors: The Service Retreat.  Held both on and off campus (we will be visiting various service sites - which site depends on your group assignment).  February 11 and 12, 2019.  Again, we will split the class with their retreat and college visit day.  This retreat will involve pre-retreat learning and reflection through the Theology III (Catholic Social Teaching) class, and will also have a post-retreat component.  The focus of this retreat will be service to those in need, and how we can continue to live out a life of service.

Seniors: The class will be divided into two sections - one section will attend Kairos 10 from October 12-14, 2018 and the other section will attend Kairos 11 from March 1-3, 2019.  The retreat is held at La Purisima Retreat Center in Hereford, Arizona.  This three day, two night retreat is the capstone retreat experience at San Miguel, leading our seniors to know and experience the presence of Christ in our lives and how to live in that presence always.  

Retreat Team!  All interested juniors and seniors who would like to be a part of leading the freshmen and sophomore retreats should submit an application for the Retreat Team from Mr. Meyer when he visits your Theology class in August.  The application form will be online and must be submitted by the due date!


Daily prayers: Click the "Daily Prayers" link on the left.

PARENT PRAYERS - in English and Spanish (slightly edited, with thanks, from a prayer from Campus Ministry, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota)

Parent’s Prayer

Parent’s Prayer - Spanish

  • computer user prayer here by Bishop Richard Sklba, auxiliary bishop emeritus of Milwaukee.
  • Try Sacred Space for 10 minutes in prayer right at your computer.
  • Creighton University's online ministries page has many great resources.
  • Jesuit Father Robert Gilroy has an excellent website on praying with art
  • The Bible online (RNAB) is right here.
  • Notre Dame's Campus Minstry has good resources here.
  • Jesuit Media Initiatives also has good scripturally-based daily prayer here.
  • Daily scripture readings for mass are here.
Live, Jesus, in our hearts forever!

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(Slightly edited, with thanks, from University of Portland campus ministry)

Liturgies, retreats, other Campus Ministry-related activities - more pictures being added all the time!  
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