Welcome to Mr. Meyer's web pages for the Lasallian educational mission at San Miguel High School

San Miguel High School: Teaching with Lasallian principles, working with the Cristo Rey model, in Tucson, Arizona

Saint John Baptist de La Salle is the Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. San Miguel Febres Cordero, after whom our school is named, was a brother from Ecuador who was a brilliant educator and preferred to work with the poor in teaching them about their faith. More information about De La Salle, San Miguel, and the Brothers is found on the "Lasallian materials" link on the top of each page of this website.

Our Lasallian heritage calls all teachers, but also each one of us, to be ambassadors of Christ and to touch the hearts and minds of all those around us. One of the participants in the 2012 Lasallian Social Justice Institute said it this way: "We are Lasallian. Education is our DNA." What we receive is not for us to keep - we are called to share it, especially with the poor, the vulnerable, and those who find themselves on the margins of society.


The San Miguel school web site is here.

Students: You are welcome to see me before or after school anytime, or during breaks or lunch. I always encourage asking questions! Before or after school I should be in the Chapel office; during the day I'm either in the Chapel office or around campus. I do NOT have a regular classroom! I usually get to school by 7:30, and I'm here after school until around 5:00.

Parents: Please call or send me an email for an appointment - I'm always happy to meet with you!

Email: meyerj (at) sanmiguelhigh (dot) org

Assignments: With a few exceptions, all assignments are posted on, and turned in through, Google Classroom. For more information about how parents can get information on assignments, please click the "PowerSchool, grades, and Google Classroom" link on the top of each page of this website.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts forever!