PowerSchool, grades, and Google Classroom


1. If you would like to access PowerSchool in order to review your child’s grades, the user name and password is on your child's schedule. If you obtained a user name or password previously but cannot find your information, please check with Ms. Mendoza.

2. San Miguel requires that teachers update grades on PowerSchool weekly, but there is no specific day of the week that this is done. Depending on homework load, what we are doing in class, and my other job responsibilities, I may update more than once per week.

3. If your student has a missing assignment, the grade on PowerSchool will be marked with a specific symbol (the key is on the bottom of the PowerSchool page) and have a score of 40%.

4. Assignment descriptions and information on PowerSchool are taken from PowerTeacher (the electronic gradebook). As such, information such as the description of an assignment found on PowerSchool varies, depending on how individual teachers prefer to keep their grade book. If you need additional information about a particular assignment, please contact me.

Click here to access PowerSchool


Google Classroom provides notifications to parents that shows assignments and other information about a class as well as your notifications regarding your student's work. To sign up, please email me with your name, your student's name, and your email. If you do not want the notifications, have your student log in and show you what's going on!!! No matter what technology we have, having a student and parent sit together and talk about school, school work, and what is being learned is always the best system!

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